Industrial Protective Packaging

Ensure your moisture, oxygen, or ESD sensitive devices or materials stay dry with Industrial pouches from MacPac, Inc. Our barrier packaging protects against static and keeps moisture sensitive devices safe within the package.  We customize designs according to your specifications to offer the best barrier properties.

Military Standard (MIL-SPEC) Packaging

If you manufacture, distribute, or ship products for military and/or federal applications, your need to meet more than standard packaging requirements. MacPac, Inc. ensures you meet military standards for packaging, while protecting your products. We have been supplying custom packaging solutions for commercial enterprises and military contractors for well over three decades.

Decorative Packaging

Make an impression on your customers with decorative packaging from MacPac, Inc. Our metallic heat-sealable envelopes and pouches grab your customers’ attention. As the world changes, we are always discovering new ways for people to use our mailers.

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