MacPac, Inc., – your custom plastic bag supplier!

For well over 2 decades, MacPac, Inc.,  has been a leading protective packaging supplier for a wide array of commercial, electronic, and military applications. That experience, along with partnering with the industry’s top suppliers, has allowed us to keep at the cutting edge. We specialize in providing cost-effective barrier solutions that protect products from air, water vapor, electromagnetic interference, static electricity, physical damage, and contamination.

Customer service:

We have a passion for meeting each client’s unique needs by connecting you with the correct products or custom applications. MacPac, Inc., is invested in each client and custom is our business. From selecting the right laminates to converting your customized bags, you can trust in MacPac, Inc., as the leading choice for protective packaging.


We offer a range of products, from protective packaging to decorative. Our core product offering includes ESD electronics packaging, shielding, and EMI barrier for Mil-Spec packaging.

We are certified and approved for:

  • Military Standard MIL PRF 81705E Type I Class 1 and Type III Class 2 and MIL PRF 131K Class 1
  • Opaque and clear barrier laminates for food and industrial
  • DMF #19108 for medical and pharmaceutical packaging
  • USPS-T-3204-Polywrap for our MacPac, Inc., “Deco Bag” Decorative Metallic Mailers